In recent weeks, allegations and rumors surrounding Meghan Markle’s past have been making headlines.

One particular rumor that has captured attention is the existence of a secret daughter, who has supposedly been kept hidden from the public eye until now.

Meghan Markle, prior to marrying into the British royal family, had openly expressed her desire to have children, especially a baby girl.

She did not have any children from her previous marriage to Trevor Engelson.

However, rumors suggest that she had a relationship with a male student named Joe Guiliano while she was a teenager, and became pregnant with a girl.

Unfortunately, due to unsupportive circumstances, the couple couldn’t marry, and the daughter was reportedly raised by Ragland relatives in Los Angeles.

The speculation surrounding Meghan Markle potentially hiding a child from a previous relationship has sparked curiosity and excitement.

The rumors were further fueled by reports that Meghan intended to live separately from Prince Harry in a new residence.

It has been suggested that this move is aimed at reuniting with her alleged secret daughter, who has thus far been kept out of public view.

Adding to the speculation is a statement made by Meghan Markle in 2015, where she revealed her plan to give her future daughter a sentimental Cartier French Tank watch, engraved with the touching message “2MM from M.” This statement has led to further speculation that her first daughter’s name may start with “MM,” hinting at a connection to the alleged secret daughter.

These accusations of Meghan Markle having a child from a prior relationship have presented a challenge for Prince Harry as he navigates life after stepping away from the royal family.

The news of such a significant aspect of Meghan’s life being kept secret from him for so long is said to have left him feeling saddened.

Amidst the swirling rumors, a woman claiming to know Meghan Markle from her “Deal or No Deal” days has appeared in a TikTok video under the name Lady Amber Alexander.

In the video, she suggests that Markle has been concealing the fact that she already has a child from a previous relationship.

The rumors gained further traction when a picture featuring Meghan, another man, and her mother Doria was included in the video.

Divorce rumors surrounding Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been circulating for some time now, but they have intensified since their business deals suffered setbacks.

Sources have denied that the couple is heading towards a split, although an insider recently revealed to Radar Online that the Sussexes are considering a trial separation.

The source added that they are taking time apart to work on their relationship.

Royal biographer Angela Levin, while not surprised by the speculations surrounding the Sussexes’ divorce, believes that if an official announcement were made, Meghan would blame Prince Harry for their split.

In an interview with GB News, Levin stated, “I think Meghan is a tremendously good plotter, and I think she’s going along two parallel lines at the moment.”

She pointed out that Meghan’s decision to leave her husband vulnerable at a time when he needs her the most, as he embarks on filming a Netflix documentary about his mother in South Africa, is significant.

Levin emphasized the importance of having someone by Harry’s side during this time, as he still grieves for his mother and feels her guidance.

She added, “To be there on his own, knowing he has this incredible demand, I think it’s very significant.”

As the rumors continue to swirl, the truth behind Meghan Markle’s alleged secret daughter remains shrouded in mystery.

Only time will tell if these claims hold any validity or if they are merely products of speculation and gossip.