King Charles has made it clear that he has no intention of inviting Prince Harry and Meghan to the royal family’s reunion at Balmoral Castle this summer.

The couple will not be joining the rest of the royal family when they travel to their Scottish residence in mid-August.

In addition to King Charles and his wife Queen Camilla, Prince Andrew and his wife Sarah Ferguson are expected to be present at Balmoral Castle.

Royal Correspondent Richard Palmer has stated that he does not believe Prince Harry and Meghan will receive an invitation to the castle.

The Duke last visited Balmoral after the passing of his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth, but was not permitted to bring Meghan along.

This was also mentioned by Harry in his tell-all book earlier this year, where he discussed his conversation with his father regarding not bringing Meghan.

Richard Palmer remarked, “This year is going to be interesting because we’ve certainly been led to believe that the King wants to get his family together at Balmoral.”

When asked about Harry and Meghan attending, he expressed doubt, saying, “I’ll be surprised if they do.”

Traditionally, the royal family spends their time at Balmoral engaging in group activities such as fishing and shooting on the estate’s grounds.

The royal family has owned Balmoral since 1852.

The late Queen Elizabeth would usually visit the Scottish retreat with her family in July and extend an invitation to the Prime Minister at the time, a tradition that King Charles is expected to continue.

After August 16th, when the estate closes to the public, it is believed that King Charles will head to the Aberdeenshire Royal Residence and remain there throughout September.

Previous reports from In Touch suggested that Meghan had received a lifetime ban from King Charles and would never be able to visit Balmoral.

Last year, Harry visited Balmoral Castle following his grandmother’s passing, but Meghan was not invited.

In his memoir, Harry mentioned that his father instructed him not to bring Meghan to visit the dying Queen Elizabeth, citing reasons that he found nonsensical and disrespectful.

During a trip to London to attend the Wellchild Awards ceremony, the Queen’s health deteriorated at her home in Scotland.

Just 90 minutes after Buckingham Palace announced her illness at 1:55 PM on September 8th, a spokesperson confirmed that Harry and Meghan would be traveling to Balmoral together.

However, a few hours later at 4:39 PM, a clarification was issued stating that the Duke would be traveling alone.

Harry flew to Scotland via private jet and arrived at Balmoral shortly after the Queen’s death was publicly announced.

Harry has now revealed that during this time, he received direct instructions from Prince Charles not to bring Meghan.

In his book, Harry wrote, “He simply didn’t want the place to be full of people.

Nobody’s wife was going to go, not even Kate, he told me, so Meg shouldn’t either.”

Meanwhile, King Charles III and Prince William are reportedly extremely annoyed by the possibility of Prince Harry revealing more details about the Royal Family’s private life in court.

An insider stated that the Royal Family will handle any further revelations made by Prince Harry in court in the same manner they have since his departure.

They will not respond to any allegations he might make.