Petronella Wide, a journalist and former confidant of Harry, unveils discernible alterations in his conduct and demeanor post his relocation to the United States. She portrays him as rigid, impolite, and harboring an icy disposition.
She advances the notion that the weighty demands and tests that accompany acclimatizing to an unfamiliar life in the US have exacted an enormous toll on him, confining him in a state of entrapment.
Transitioning from the royal family and embracing an uncharted existence abroad constitutes an unquestionably momentous metamorphosis for anyone. Prince Harry’s determination to distance himself from his prior role as a British figure in Royal Exile could very well have been stoked by an aspiration to liberate himself from the confines and anticipations of his bygone life.
Nonetheless, it’s imperative to acknowledge that this assertion is hinged on a clandestine recording and the outlook of a solitary individual. Approaching such assertions demands prudence, recognizing that individuals in the public eye, including the royal household, remain susceptible to meticulous examination and subjective interpretation.
The adversities and stresses they encounter can indubitably impinge on their comportment and temperament. However, exercising caution in eschewing hasty inferences and judgments founded on mere observations or unverified information is of paramount importance.

Furthermore, the recent verdict by Prince Harry and Meghan to forgo an official event, especially one of considerable importance to his progenitor, has seized the spotlight and elicited speculation.

Though it’s not an anomaly for individuals to be absent from specific events owing to personal or vocational commitments, this decision has kindled conjecture regarding Harry’s frame of mind and priorities.