It’s a sentiment I’ve expressed before, and I’ll reiterate it now – Meghan Markle harbors a sense of jealousy towards Catherine and William. According to a report by Sky News Australia, the former actress believes that The Prince and Princess of Wales escaped accountability for their treatment of her and Harry.
Her perceived belief that the public would rally behind her against the future Monarch and consort underscores a certain naivety. In failing to comprehend the broader context, Meghan misses the mark entirely.

Why would the British populace side with her when her actions had often appeared disrespectful towards their cherished Monarchy and the Royal Family? Catherine and William hold no obligation to provide Meghan with explanations or apologies. It’s worth remembering that Meghan allegedly played a role in bullying Princess Charlotte and allowed the Mulroney women to do the same. Her expectation for Catherine and William to be held accountable is a miscalculation, considering her own questionable behavior.

Meghan’s aspirations to be a leader without any substantial experience in public domains have led her down a misguided path. She aimed to leverage the initial popularity she and Harry enjoyed, believing she could overshadow the Cambridges. Yet, the consequences of her actions have begun to emerge. The silence exhibited by Prince William and Catherine carries a significant message – one that punctures Meghan’s illusions and asserts a reality check.

The rift between Prince Harry and his older brother William appears to have sustained considerable damage. Reports suggest that Harry and Meghan have been excluded from a forthcoming royal gathering in September, intended to commemorate the late Queen Elizabeth II. Royal expert Jenny Bond offers insight into this growing chasm, indicating that time may not be the healing force some hope for. The divide has entrenched itself, with prospects of reconciliation fading.

Amidst this backdrop, recent news from Deadline reveals that the Sussexes are set to adapt a newly-released romance novel into a Netflix film, echoing aspects of their own love story. This cinematic endeavor, titled ‘Meet Me at the Lake,’ was secured for an impressive sum of three million pounds. The book’s themes of mental health, postnatal depression, and childhood trauma stemming from parental loss in a car accident draw eerie parallels to the couple’s real-life experiences.

Prince Harry’s involvement in this film could potentially strain relations with his brother William, as the project may be perceived as exploiting their shared family narrative for sensational content. As this narrative unfolds, it’s becoming increasingly apparent that Meghan’s strategies, including her attempts to capitalize on personal and emotional events, have garnered mixed reactions within the royal context.”