During a recent birthday dinner, Meghan Markle’s mood turned grumpy as she and Prince Harry dined at the Treyloon restaurant near their Montecito home. The outing took place on Wednesday night, and although the couple was accompanied by friends, including Meghan’s close pal Heather Darak and her husband Mike Cohen, it seems that the Duchess of Sussex didn’t receive the attention she expected.
According to restaurant manager Michael Catchy Asolina, Meghan’s handler arrived early for the reservation and demanded special treatment, specifically requesting a private table for the celebration. Asolina recalls the exchange, sharing that the handler inquired, ‘Don’t you have a private area for us to wait?’

Interestingly, as Meghan and Harry entered the restaurant, some staff members only recognized Prince Harry, assuming the woman in an unconventional black and white pantsuit was a stylist or a member of their group. Meghan’s demeanor throughout the evening was described as aloof, and she didn’t engage in much interaction.

Waiter Matthew Yu noted that Meghan seemed upset with the staff, feeling that they didn’t recognize her or acknowledge her presence. The lack of wedding rings on either Meghan or Harry further contributed to the staff’s oversight.

Despite the last-minute request for a private table, the restaurant staff did their best to accommodate the self-proclaimed royal guests. Treyloon is known for its authentic Italian cuisine, offering dishes such as mixed seafood risotto, steak on arugula, and pan-fried veal chop, paired with a thoughtful wine list and classic cocktails.

Despite the initial awkwardness and Meghan’s discontent, the couple appeared to enjoy themselves during the dinner, seen sharing smiles and laughter. Meghan donned a striking strapless black and white striped dress, accessorized with black sandals and a brown coat gear bag. Prince Harry opted for a more casual look, sporting a blue shirt and light-colored chinos.

This birthday outing followed closely after Meghan and Harry’s public appearance dispelling rumors of marital discord. The couple united in a video to congratulate young innovators on receiving a multi-million dollar prize from the Responsible Technology Youth Power Fund. The birthday dinner provided a moment of celebration for Meghan, even if her expectations for recognition were not fully met.