There has been much speculation around why Meghan Markle is moving to Malibu, California. Some believe that she is on the hunt for billionaires such as Gordon Getty, Sergey Brin, and David Mayer de Rothschild.
Rumors of a new love interest have also surfaced, with some sources claiming to know who her new boyfriend is.

While some speculate that Markle is moving to Malibu to be closer to her new love interest, others believe that the move could be motivated by a combination of factors such as the better weather and the fact that she has family in California.

Nonetheless, there are those who doubt that Markle can afford such a move and see it merely as her manifesting again.

Additionally, there has been talk about a new ingredient, berberine, that is set to take the lifestyle market by storm.

Markle has been mentioned as a competitor in this market and has the backing of wealthy investors such as David Mayer de Rothschild. Ultimately, the exact reason for Markle’s move to Malibu remains unclear, but it is clear that there are multiple factors at play here.