Why does Henry think he’s entitled to get anything from the Spencer family? It’s passed down through the sons of the Spencer family – anything that has value that Markle could use, she’ll claim it as hers. Now, let’s find the answer together.
Louis, as the nephew of Princess Diana, will inherit the 5,500-hectare (13,500-acre) Spencer estate called Althorp in Northamptonshire. This estate was the childhood home of Diana, and those close to the family have often shared stories of her growing up there.

However, he’s placed a prohibition on Meghan and Harry, which is effective from the time he took possession of the land, being the eldest son. He’s also often referred to as Harry Light due to his resemblance to his cousin Harry, and he is the heir apparent to the Spencer estate. Known for his privacy, Louis Spencer, Viscount Althorp, has been described as a decent and kind actor by his older sister, Lady Kitty Spencer.

During a discussion about male primogeniture, the tradition that dictates Louis as the inheritor, Kitty acknowledged the changing times and attitudes surrounding this topic. She expressed her confidence in Louis, stating that he’ll do an incredible job because of his gender. Louis has already begun preparing to take over the aristocratic estate, attending several trustee meetings already. The grade one listed stately home, Althorp House, along with the estate, will be passed down to him.

In 2015, Princess Diana’s brother, the current Earl Spencer, voiced his support for this tradition, stating that it aligns with the historical significance of Althorp. As for Harry and Meghan, they are rumored to be unwelcome by the Spencers, so it’s likely they’ll be banned from setting foot on the property forever. The last time they were there was when Harry took Meghan to Diana’s grave last year, and after that, there were many family conflicts.

Meghan Markle had a plan all along to use Prince Harry and his family’s name to further her acting career and financial opportunities. It increasingly seems like she drew her inspiration for a devious plunge from a place that’s not only ironic but also borderline creepy – Prince Harry’s late mother. According to some sources, she copied many aspects of Diana, from her style of clothing and perfume to her favorite foods and drinks, even telling Harry that she’s just like his mum, which he, of course, believed.

Her room growing up was apparently plastered with posters and books on Diana and the royal family, including a fake crown. Her family, friends, and home photographs all suggest that she is obsessed with Diana and tries to emulate her. There have been claims that some of Meghan’s speeches were directly lifted from Diana’s own words.

I’m still confused why Meghan claims she didn’t know anything about the royal family when she obviously did. Her obsession, as with everything else she does, seems transactional, driven by self-enriching purposes. As long as channeling Princess Diana works to allow control over Prince Harry, she’ll do it, but it might not be for too much longer, and they may divorce soon.

Princess Diana spent her formative years at Sandringham and Althorp House, which served as her home before marrying Prince Charles in 1981. According to the Telegraph, Louis is an aspiring actor and spends 14 hours a day working on following his dream. Jonathan Chalet, chairman of the inter talent agency, told the Bristol Post that the Americans will love him, and he’ll get some good roles from his name alone.”