Prince Harry, who is slowly recovering from his conflict with William, should this time deal with a terrible ultimatum from Meghan Markle, who would be on the run with Archie.

The National Enquirer delivers very sad news from the Duke and Duchess of Sussex and claims their relationship is far from appeased.

Fight to end all fights! Meghan flees and takes Archie with her! Terrible Ultimatum. Harry in tears”, headlines the American magazine, which claims that a conflict between the two spouses would have broken out, following a call to order from the Windsor heir.

Meghan Markle who would do as she pleased would have been ‘summoned to obey the rules of protocol’.

And the beautiful brunette would have taken it badly, and would have left Frogmore Cottage with Archie to put her suitcases in “a hotel in London”, without having informed her security service.

‘Let your family let me go, or it’s over’ would have thrown at him.

Last spring, this same magazine assured that tired of the actions of Meghan Markle and Harry, Queen Elizabeth II would have made the decision to exile them to Africa.

‘The Queen scolded her grandson for not being able to control his wife. She made it clear that she would not tolerate Meghan’s disrespectful attitude,’ a source said.

In addition, the sovereign would not intend to let an actress, American moreover, tarnish her reign. “She believes that when you have cancer, you have to remove it.”