After stepping down from the royal family and moving to their lavish $14.65 million mansion, you’d think the Sussexes’ life would be all rainbows and butterflies.


But oh no, things are far from smooth sailing for them. Rumors are swirling around canceled parties, snubbed neighbors, and even being banned from their local private members club. It’s like a real-life soap opera.

It seems the couple isn’t exactly getting a warm welcome in their exclusive neighborhood. When a U.S. Navy veteran tried to extend a neighborly hand by lending them some films about the history of Montecito, he was turned away at their gate by security. Talk about a royal cold shoulder.

To make matters worse, their bombshell memoir and collapsed Spotify deal have led to major frustration and fallout. A massive party planned by Meghan had to be canceled last minute, leaving guests shocked and gazebos taken down. Ouch.

But wait, there’s more. Harry and Meghan are allegedly considering relocating to Megan’s childhood home of Malibu Beach or her ranch in Santa Barbara. However, their potential new neighbors aren’t exactly rolling out the welcome mat.

Concerned residents are flooding realtor’s offices, worried that the couple will disturb the peace and bring their huge security team along, causing a hoopla that locals just don’t want.