In the affluent neighborhood of Montecito, tensions rise as an unnamed insider shares unsettling experiences with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, their controversial neighbors. According to the insider, Markle’s presence has led to her being banned from not one, but two restaurants in the area due to her alleged bad attitude and demanding behavior.
While Prince Harry is described as super nice and engaging, frequently visiting a local construction site and showing genuine interest in people, the same can’t be said for Meghan. The insider claims that Meghan travels with an entourage of armed guards, making her security presence blatantly obvious to everyone around.

One instance of Meghan’s reported high-handedness occurred in a New York City restaurant, where she and Harry were dining with friends. According to an unnamed witness, Markle requested to have the entire inner outdoor courtyard, meant for 50 people, reserved exclusively for her and just four others. The eatery, however, turned down the request as the space had already been reserved for a birthday party of 15. Meghan eventually settled for a table inside the busy restaurant.

But it’s not just New York; Meghan’s reported behavior extended to a restaurant in Canada as well. The couple apparently wished to dine at the exclusive waterfront restaurant Deep Cove Chalet in British Columbia, but their security demands led the owner to refuse them a table. Details of those security requirements were not disclosed.

Some speculate that Meghan might have also been banned from a sushi bar in Montecito, where she was alleged to have called paparazzi and acted in a manner that disturbed other patrons. Similarly, the couple faced a supposed ban from San Vicente Bungalows, a members-only club, for reportedly arranging paparazzi shots when arriving and departing, infringing upon the privacy of other guests.

It seems the couple’s desire for privacy clashes with the public nature of their lives, leading to conflicts with establishments and causing rumors to circulate. While Prince Harry remains well-liked and approachable, Meghan’s reputation seems to have suffered due to her alleged behavior. Despite these controversies, the couple’s charisma and allure continue to make headlines, even if it means being occasionally barred from certain establishments.