Meghan Markle faced a significant loss as the King executed a strategic move by removing Prince Harry from the Sussex Duchy. This action aimed to put an end to the exploitation of their royal titles, as it became apparent that the couple was excessively benefiting from their connection to the royal family.
Charles, as the deciding authority, had the power to revoke the Duke of Sussex title from Harry, creating a nightmare scenario for Meghan Markle. It meant that even after their divorce, Meghan might have to revert to her previous name.

It’s worth noting that prior to marrying Harry, Meghan was relatively unknown, and she herself admitted to having limited knowledge about the British royal family. In fact, she once mistook Prince Andrew for a member of the late Queen’s staff.

Following the divorce, Meghan Markle’s reputation suffered a significant blow, further exacerbated by her questionable treatment of individuals below her and her stance on feminism, which was deemed inconsistent.

The release of the Oprah interview added fuel to the fire, as Meghan and Harry were found to have lied or evaded questions at least 17 times during the interview. This suggested a lack of regard for the public’s intelligence, leading to a decline in their public image. Furthermore, Meghan’s behavior towards her staff was concerning, with reports of multiple individuals leaving their positions. In contrast, such instances were not prevalent in the case of William and Catherine’s staff, where departures were typically due to career advancements or after extended periods of service.

Megan seemed to overlook the fact that Hollywood, despite its allure, is a relatively small industry, where word spreads quickly. Prior to Bill Simmons’ remarks about the couple’s intentions as grifters, there were already rumors circulating within the industry. The decision made in 2020 to remove Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s HRH titles when they stepped down as senior working royals was considered a wise move by King Charles. It was an attempt to curb their inclination to speak out against the royal family and launch verbal attacks from various angles.

A proposed bill by a labor MP could grant King Charles III the authority to strip the Duke and Duchess of Sussex of their royal titles once it passes through Parliament. While Harry and Meghan are currently estranged from the royal family, they have managed to retain their titles thus far. However, if this private members bill is enacted, it could potentially revoke their privileges, provided the king chooses to strip them of their titles at his discretion or following a formal recommendation from the UK government.

The progress of this bill is promising as it signifies the hopes of not only the British people but also individuals from other nations who wish to see Meghan referred to simply as “Megan” without the title of Duchess of Sussex. Recent reports indicated that the couple’s modified $20 million deal had come to an end, and their $98 million Netflix deal was said to be hanging in the balance, leaving them surprised and uncertain.

It was also noted that Meghan has been making efforts to keep Harry by her side, accompanying him to various engagements and organizing shared activities and outings to dispel divorce rumors. She seems determined to prevent Harry from leaving her side, recognizing that she heavily relies on her royal title, as without it, she may face limitations in her endeavors.