Charles was taken aback when Meghan proposed a $100 million divorce settlement with Harry. Meghan’s attorneys are currently negotiating with Charles’ legal team, and one of the key aspects being discussed is non-disclosure regarding Meghan’s past.
There have been claims of her deriding the royal family in the media and a complete lack of communication with Harry. If Meghan is granted full custody of the children, it is speculated that they would fall out of the line of succession. While this may seem outlandish, it could potentially be a part of their unfolding story. However, these are only rumors, and it’s important to approach them with caution.

Nicholas Somme’s name has been mentioned in relation to this situation. He is a distinguished journalist, and Charles has a close friendship with him. While it’s crucial to consider every party’s perspective, rumors suggest that Meghan is not trusted by the royal family, and any settlement arrangement would also involve non-disclosure agreements with her agents.

Meghan is not permitted to promote rumors through other individuals, and if any confidential information is leaked, she may be held accountable. This does not mean that Meghan is viewed favorably by those close to Harry, as many consider her treacherous and unreliable. Obtaining non-disclosure agreements from everyone involved would be a significant motive for the royal family.

To move forward with negotiations, there must be a starting point. Meghan’s proposal for a settlement begins at the sum of $100 million, aimed at providing financial support to Harry. The royal family, equipped with various resources, will navigate through this process. Meghan may believe that the children can be used as negotiating leverage against the royal family, but it’s not that simple.

While there are potential issues surrounding the children’s position in the line of succession, it’s not entirely far-fetched. The situation involves the separation and resolution of two vulnerable children whose entry into the world has been clouded in uncertainty and mystery. However, there are certain aspects that cannot be discussed openly.

If Meghan believes she has something up her sleeve, her behavior is the very thing that raises concerns. No story she fabricates can tarnish the reputation of the royal family further, as she has already damaged her own name. Even her once-supportive fans, including myself, feel insulted by her actions.

It’s important to note that tens of thousands of people, including individuals of color, disagree with Meghan’s choices. No matter how vehemently she demands $100 million, the claims about her earning potential are unfounded and lack credibility. It would be unwise to give in to such claims.

Meanwhile, it is important to acknowledge that Meghan Markle has been portrayed as a rapacious and lawless troublemaker. It seems that getting rid of her would require offering her a favorable deal. However, despite her belief that she has the upper hand, she may ultimately fail in her negotiations. Some of her cards may not be as advantageous as she thinks, and there is a possibility that her efforts will yield no substantial results. The public is well aware that revelations can take many forms, despite her attempts to deny it.

Meghan has employed various strategies and tactics, thinking her shrewdness would allow her to get away with anything. However, she has only revealed herself, rendering her tricks ineffective. Moreover, the royal family possesses additional means to counter any leverage Meghan believes she holds. Ultimately, Meghan will learn that she holds no real power, and truth and righteousness will prevail. In summary, if a divorce occurs, Meghan may receive more money than she deserves but less than she desires. Nonetheless, it would still be a significant increase compared to her earnings as an actress and working professional.

It has been reported that Harry skipped Jackman’s wedding, where Jack Mann served as his best man. For those unaware, Jack Mann holds a special place in Harry’s wedding memories. While Harry’s whereabouts were known, Meghan and Carl Larson were captured posing for the camera. Jack Mann, a former soldier, seems to have distanced himself from Harry due to his recent behavior. Harry, once revered by the Army, is now despised, which could explain his absence at the wedding. Megan, on the other hand, would not have attended the wedding under any circumstances, as she is aware of the disdain directed towards her.

Regarding Carl Larson’s relationship with Thomas Markle, it is known that they were acquainted. There have been instances where Carl Larson was discovered taking photographs of Harry and Meghan at a polo event a few years ago. It is believed that Carl Larson had some connection with Thomas Markle. Dan Wooten and I were both present during that entire incident. Unfortunately, Carl Larson’s intrusion extended to Thomas Markle and me as well. While I initially liked him, I did not trust him, and things took a turn for the worse. I was eagerly anticipating Thomas Markle’s visit to Castle Goring and our joint attendance at Royal Ascot. However, he fell ill shortly thereafter.

The material that Carl Larson had planned to produce made Thomas Markle uncomfortable. I never pushed Thomas to be anything other than devoted to his daughter. Thomas did not wish to disclose his personal experiences publicly.

Carl Larson sought information about Meghan, driven by his curiosity about her. On the other hand, Thomas Markle intended to utilize YouTube as a platform to demonstrate his positive qualities to the world. I personally support Thomas Markle because I respect him and believe he won’t betray his daughter.

Initially, the plan for Thomas to stay at Castle Goring was meant to be kept secret. However, Carl Larson made the decision to share our plans. In response, he was instructed to delete my phone number. Dan Wooten advocated for Thomas Markle to have an enjoyable vacation, where he would be treated with honor and respect by GB News. Unfortunately, both Thomas Markle and I were let down by Carl Larson’s actions.

Harry is likely feeling embarrassed by the way Meghan channels Diana, and it seems unlikely that he will ever leave her. In my opinion, Meghan is heavily reliant on Harry’s royal background, and without it, she may be perceived as lacking significance. I believe they will continue to suffer in their marriage, entangled in a web of lies. While I don’t make specific forecasts, I do observe many things.

According to a recent piece by Carl Larson, they appear to be a happy couple. However, despite the absence of hand-holding in the photographs, we must consider that there could be valid reasons behind it. It is possible that Harry had no involvement in the plan, and any perceived role he played may have been more of an illusion than a reality. The lack of hand-holding does not necessarily indicate their true relationship.

Many Harry fans speculate that Meghan arranges photo opportunities without Harry’s knowledge or permission in order to divert attention from their issues. Based on my sources, Harry was unaware of the car chase incident in New York or the most recent staged photo op intended to portray their joy. When or if he will leave her remains uncertain. It is best to wait and observe. According to my Montecito sources, their togetherness may not be permanent.