It appears that when Harry and Meghan failed to reinvent themselves as a power couple, one of them decided to pursue a solo path. The question remains: Which one of them will take the leap?
All signs point to Meghan. She has been meticulously laying the groundwork for months, building her own brand through awards and solo work. While Harry shows up to support her events, the reverse is seldom true.

However, Meghan may be overlooking a critical factor. By attending her events, Harry can be seen as supportive, whereas her absence from his events may be viewed as unsupportive.

She may attempt to deflect attention from this discrepancy by employing the “I can’t save him” narrative. Nevertheless, there are evident gaps in her strategy.

To be fair, this is the only aspect in which Meghan has excelled after the birth of their second child and some of her interviews. Personally, I am inclined to believe that Harry struggles with substance abuse and mental health issues.

The contents of his book are both disturbing and self-revealing, as he openly admits to needing close supervision due to his warped perception of reality. It is disconcerting. Furthermore, he has acknowledged his shortcomings as a husband and father, effectively making Meghan’s case for full custody of their children.

In either scenario, Harry is poised to lose. If Meghan breaks away first, she will easily dismantle him by citing his mental health struggles, drug use, paranoia, and obsession with his late mother as the reasons for their separation. She may even express concern for the safety of their children, garnering sympathy and discrediting his claim of the family’s lack of racism, but rather unconscious bias—an assertion that alienated many longtime supporters.

On the other hand, if Harry initiates the split, he will likely be perceived as a pitiful figure, retreating back to his family’s embrace. He will most likely go into hiding while Meghan takes to the American talk show circuit, tearing him and his family apart. The only way for Harry to salvage any modicum of sympathy is to promptly arrange an exclusive interview where he portrays Meghan as a manipulative woman who preyed on a vulnerable, grieving man-child still haunted by his mother’s loss.

Alternatively, they may choose to remain married, stumbling through their poor decisions together. The public ridicule and infamy can still generate income, possibly even more than before, if they embrace it. But alas, they won’t.

In a startling revelation, a British expert unveils Meghan’s secret plot. It seems she had formulated this plan long before realizing she could never truly be queen or a co-queen—whatever that means. She skillfully alternates between lavishing him with love and devaluing him, creating an illusion that she is his best option. According to this theory, she had the divorce plan in place even before marrying Trevor. She ensured that no pictures of their wedding surfaced, but she didn’t anticipate her father bringing his own camera.

Throughout their marriage, they lived apart, even in different countries. Now, with Harry, she has a title, jewelry, and access to individuals she would have never encountered alone. Plus, she has children—supposedly with genuine royal lineage—which will forever connect her to the royal family. She expects child support and possibly spousal support, though not as much as she believes she deserves. However, no amount of money can satisfy her insatiable desires.

Viewed from another angle, an expert suggests that Meghan may lose more than she gains in this divorce game. Following their separation, Harry would have to return home and admit that his father and brother were right. He would have to accept that he could never surpass William’s success in marrying and starting a family with Kate. Harry desperately wanted a wife who would be universally adored, considered more beautiful, and more popular than Kate.

Considering his social awkwardness and tenuous grip on reality—as demonstrated by demanding apologies from his family after publishing his controversial book and giving those interviews, proposing to interview figures like Putin, Trump, Zuckerberg, and the Pope for a podcast—it becomes apparent that his aspirations were unrealistic.

Ultimately, the reasons behind Harry and Meghan’s delayed divorce announcement remain a topic of speculation. However, their actions and behaviors suggest a complex web of motives, ambitions, and personal shortcomings. As the saga unfolds, the world continues to watch with fascination and anticipation.

It seems that Harry is harboring delusions, believing that Walmart Wallace is the reincarnation of his sainted mother and that she is the shining star of the entire Royal Family. However, it’s highly unlikely that he will ever admit to these beliefs, as he holds too much anger, resentment, and loathing towards his brother for such an admission to occur.

The wisest course of action for Harry would be to throw himself at the mercy of his father, pleading that he was overwhelmed by love and manipulated by Meghan into everything. He could express that he desires nothing more now than to see through Meghan’s true nature and be embraced by his wonderful family once again. He could then disappear into the tranquil surroundings of Scotland, perhaps Balmoral, for an extended period while the Palace lawyers work out the details of the divorce settlement.

During this time, Harry would need to remain low-profile, abstain from alcohol and drugs, and undergo genuine therapy. Meghan could continue to make a mess of things on her own, as she is prone to doing, without any interference from Harry. Contrary to Harry’s situation, Meghan would still retain her title but would be severed from any connection to the royal family.

She would no longer be able to refer to herself as a member of the royal family, despite her children having the titles of prince and princess attached to their admittedly absurd names. It’s worth noting that these titles hold no real significance since they lack any meaningful connection to the royal family. They don’t know their British relatives, and vice versa.

In this divorce scenario, Meghan is likely to be the one who loses. While Harry may not be able to go solo, as much as many would hate to see the British royal family take him back, they undoubtedly will because he is their family and they love him. Although he may not have the same prominent role within the slimmed-down monarchy that he once envisioned, he can certainly be groomed to make occasional appearances, and the full weight of the royal PR machine will be utilized to rehabilitate his image as much as possible.

For Meghan, the problem lies in the fact that without Harry, she has nothing. Even with him, their financial resources are diminishing rapidly. The royal family is highly unlikely to grant her the massive divorce settlement and child support she anticipates receiving. She has essentially painted herself into a corner. She desires a billionaire’s lifestyle but lacks the funds or means to attain it. In reality, any man she desires could easily find a younger, more attractive, mentally stable, and easygoing woman who can hold a coherent conversation.

Therefore, it is highly probable that Meghan will be the one to initiate the breakup and pursue a solo path. She simply has no other viable option. Others may be able to reinvent Harry, but only she has the power to reinvent herself. However, the challenge for her lies in the fact that without Harry, she is left with nothing. Furthermore, even with him, their financial situation is precarious, and the royal family will not provide the exorbitant financial support she envisions.