It has long been speculated that Meghan carefully curated her public image, not only for the general public but also to capture Harry’s heart.

She portrayed herself as the epitome of a fun-loving, carefree, intelligent, and successful entrepreneur—a worldly traveler, a career-driven millionaire, a domestic goddess, and a spiritually inclined go-getter. These are qualities that Harry himself has described her with at different times.

It is believed that much of Harry’s initial perception of Meghan was shaped by her carefully crafted Instagram posts, her blog called TIG, and her limited media presence. She had a knack for creating stories and projecting a specific personality through pictures, cute videos, and glamorous photo shoots. This same approach was extended to her public relations efforts on a larger scale.

One unforgettable example was the adorable video of her playfully eating raspberries off her fingers. It was also mentioned in Bauer’s book that Meghan specifically selected certain photos from her Instagram account to show Harry, with the intention of capturing his attention and keeping it. Additionally, we know that they communicated frequently through Instagram, further emphasizing the role it played in their early connection.

From June 2016 onwards, Meghan’s Instagram account and Tig blog were geared towards Harry, designed to pique his interest and maintain it. Given that Harry was somewhat naive and desperately seeking a partner he could proudly showcase to the world and his family, Meghan’s carefully constructed image would have easily won him over.

His sheltered upbringing and lack of street smarts made it challenging for him to question someone, especially a confident and outgoing woman, about the authenticity of what she presented. To him, Meghan’s version of normal everyday life seemed ideal, combining adventure, fun, glamour, and a celebrity lifestyle that he could finally embrace.

In the UK, Harry wasn’t treated as a special celebrity by his family, cousins, or friends, who were all relatively low-key. However, due to his belief in his own PR, he started considering himself a sought-after bachelor and celebrity. If he had shown a sudden affinity for red carpets and Hollywood parties to his friends, they would have laughed at him.

But with Meghan, he could enjoy those aspects because they were part of her world. It seemed like she was accommodating him within her super-celebrity, high-flying lifestyle. Little did Harry know that he was being deceived, unaware that Meghan was gradually revealing her true self, shedding layers of her carefully constructed persona to avoid scaring him away.

Ironically, while she was conning him, Harry was also concealing his true self from Meghan. Blinded by her own hubris, she failed to recognize his hidden sociopathic tendencies and darkness, which ultimately became a significant factor in their failing relationship. Meghan never anticipated that Harry was also playing a role, keeping his true nature veiled. She never factored in his special brand of sociopathy and darkness, which now plays a significant role in their current struggles.

In relationships, it is not uncommon for individuals to initially present the best version of themselves and gradually reveal their flaws over time. Perhaps you realize you aren’t the best housekeeper or you struggle with cooking. In Meghan’s case, she portrayed herself as a victim and a modern-day Diana, version 2.0. However, unlike Diana, who was prone to emotional outbursts and tearful episodes, Meghan’s behavior was familiar to Harry, potentially triggering him even further.

It’s important to note that the above analysis is purely speculative and based on rumors and gossip. While it sheds light on their relationship dynamics, it should not be taken as factual evidence. The complexities of Harry and Meghan’s relationship are still being explored, and only time will reveal the complete truth behind their journey.”

Beyond Megan’s emotional state, Harry’s response was also influenced by his childhood experiences of witnessing his mother sobbing on the floor. This triggered Harry’s instinct to protect and rescue, resulting in his white knight complex. However, what initially caught Harry off guard were Megan’s bullying tactics, a side of her personality that she struggled to suppress. She displayed rudeness towards those she deemed beneath her, which may have initially troubled Harry. However, she managed to convince him that her behavior was a response to racial discrimination or jealousy from others.

It is evident that Megan’s PR efforts were primarily directed towards Harry. She aimed to market herself to him as a future Duchess and a loving and caring wife. Simultaneously, she also focused on appealing to the UK public and his family, recognizing that their relationship could only succeed with their support. Moreover, she positioned herself as the antithesis of Catherine, leveraging negative articles that portrayed Catherine as shy, not hardworking, relying on nannies, lacking fashion sense, and having conflicts with her family. Megan strategically presented herself as someone who shared more commonalities with William. She depicted herself as less educated, not posh enough, and lacking a real job, suggesting that she patiently waited for William to propose.

Harry’s own desire for attention and resentment towards his diminishing role in the royal family played a significant role in his attraction to Megan. He secretly enjoyed being in the spotlight, which became evident through his interviews and book. He saw Megan’s red carpet appearances and fashion shoots as an opportunity to increase his own popularity and celebrity status. Furthermore, Megan could easily reinvent herself, unencumbered by the presence of people from her past who could interfere in their relationship or expose her true nature. By this point, anyone who could provide Harry with an accurate understanding of Megan’s character had been removed from her life.

Harry’s complete belief in his own publicity and the “hero Harry” image perpetuated by the media further influenced his perception of Megan. He bought into the notion that he deserved special treatment because of his military service, showcasing a lack of real-world awareness. His impression that Megan was a Hollywood superstar highlights his limited knowledge of the outside world. Despite claiming that his family was impressed by Megan’s accomplishments and fame, the reality was that the majority of the world had little to no knowledge of her prior to their relationship.

It is worth noting that Harry grew up surrounded by individuals, particularly women from noble families, who showed no interest in him. It took a long-distance relationship with someone driven and ambitious like Megan to captivate him. She adeptly fed into Harry’s white knight complex, exploiting his lingering desire to save someone, reminiscent of his unresolved feelings towards his mother’s tragic fate. While Megan may have nurtured the idea, it is evident that Harry’s actions were ultimately driven by his own volition. In fact, it seems that Harry has always harbored a desire to criticize his family and the press, and he now finds himself with the perfect opportunity to do so.