Renowned media personality Stephen A. Smith has uncovered a disturbing plan by Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to disgrace their own family simply to remain in the spotlight. Yes, you heard it right. Harry and Meghan find themselves in hot water.

Alright, let’s dive into this explosive news. In the aftermath of their massive $20 million Spotify deal, various media personalities have been weighing in on the actions of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. First, Bill Simmons labeled them as grifters, and now Stephen A. Smith has joined the conversation.

On his self-titled podcast, Smith shared his views on the couple, expressing that nobody really cares about Harry and Meghan unless they’re busy insulting their own family. Smith didn’t hold back, questioning the significance of Harry and Meghan’s opinions when they aren’t criticizing the royal family.

He even acknowledged Meghan’s talent, praising her performance on the show “Suits,” which he intends to watch again. However, the truth remains that their words carry weight only when they are tearing down their own kin.

Bill Simmons, on his own podcast, had some strong words for the couple as well, referring to them as “effing grifters.” Simmons expressed regret for not starting a podcast with them and teased a story about a Zoom call he had with Harry to brainstorm podcast ideas. Clearly frustrated, Simmons discussed the lack of content produced by the couple despite their lucrative Spotify deal.

Stephen A. Smith played the audio clip of Simmons’ remarks on his own podcast, acknowledging Simmons’ passion while finding it a bit excessive. Smith admitted to looking up the definition of “grifters” and shared it with his listeners, highlighting that it refers to con artists who deceive people out of their money through fraud.

Although Smith refrained from using such derogatory language, he emphasized that Simmons had the right to express his opinion based on his knowledge.

Known for his straightforward style, Smith made it clear that he has no interest in the royal family. In fact, he confessed to being the least interested person in the world when it comes to matters concerning the Royals.

However, he acknowledged that Simmons’ comments might have stemmed from a personal place, given Simmons’ association with Spotify and his knowledge of the situation.