Attention Prince Harry and plea to escape from Megan’s hand emanating from Montecito. Things are not looking very good for Harry. He’s been dumped not only by Spotify, apparently. We all know that Meghan Markle is ready to dump him as soon as she’s ready.

She knows that Harry has begged the palace to allow him to return home, and without the woman who has complete control over him.Of course, she has to know that it is no secret behind Palace walls or even amongst the journalists who go out drinking in those Fleet Street pubs.

As for the timing to finally bring the curtain down, well, with the King’s Birthday parade now finished, if things move fast, it looks like June is going to be the month when we hear the announcement that we have been expecting for quite some time now.

So, it looks like the whole world is going to be watching and being entertained, watching the sordid Sussex pantomime go into self-destruct mode. And what is going on with Harry right now? It looks like he’s on the outside looking in, just watching his vapid, unhappy life fall apart. This man baby is out of his depth. He’s lost, he’s helpless at this point without his place as a working Royal. He doesn’t have anything left.

This sly woman convinced him that living with Hollywood A-listers was going to be better for him. She convinced him that the money was just going to flow in. All he needed to do was tell everybody that he was the favorite grandson of the late Queen, and then he was going to be the favorite of the king as well. Well, he couldn’t understand that this was going to be a meaningless life for him. And as history has shown, he just believed Meghan.

I’m guessing by now you all have heard what Bill Simmons had to say about the two of them. My goodness! So, the deal with Spotify came to an end. He was ranting and raving, referring to them as grifters. My goodness, and Megan had to have been devastated, knowing that this accusation was going to go all around the world in a matter of seconds. And you know what? This furious Spotify boss didn’t stop there.

And what’s going on with Netflix? Are they going to follow suit? I think so. Apparently, senior executives working with Netflix are not happy. Meg once said, “Harry is no problem, but she thinks she knows how to run Hollywood.” It tells us a lot that Ari Emmanuel, the chief at Meghan’s new PR agency William Morris Endeavor, has said, “Megan is wise to distance herself from her husband’s toxic dramas.” And everybody is asking, what is going to happen with Harry?

While I enjoy hearing that the bosses of Spotify and Netflix are finally waking up to what those two are, I still have to wonder, how could they be so clueless? How could they be so uninformed as to buy into their nonsense? I mean, were they just gaslighted? Were they really taken in by these grifters, or did they just not care? Were they taken in by the equivalent of snake oil salesman? Maybe.

I know the answer, actually, folks. I think it all boils down to greed. They knew those two were bad news, but they thought they were going to be able to make them some money, so they didn’t care. Now, to be fair, Ari Emmanuel might have said that, but just like sunshine sucks, I think he’s going to be Markle too. He cannot control Megan. I don’t even know why he’s trying.

Now, I’m not a Harry fan at this point, but to be fair, I think this was a setup. WME is going to find out soon enough that Megan does not have anything to offer. She’s not good enough, she’s inadequate, and that’s why she was not successful in Hollywood. Meghan Markle has no talent. She’s not willing to work hard. And okay, sometimes maybe she looks kind of cute when she really, really tries, but she is nowhere near those other gorgeous Hollywood celebrities. How could she compete with them?

Another one of her problems is that she thinks she is so smart, but that woman is dumb. Spotify already said that she didn’t want to work hard. She was lazy, she was difficult. She wouldn’t accept anybody’s advice, and she didn’t have anything to offer. Megan really wants to portray herself as a successful person to high-profile people, but eventually, her lies always catch up with her.

Now, Mr. Ari Emmanuel can spin until the cows come home, but Megan is the same liar she’s always been. She’s just a poser, she’s a phony, and Emmanuel is going to find this out for himself. Unless somehow Megan changes, but I don’t think she will.

Meanwhile, everybody knows that Harry really liked living in Africa. He said that Africa is where he really found himself. I think the best thing for him would be to go back to Africa and try to pick up the pieces of what his late mother was doing and also keep his mouth shut. Of course, I’m not sure whether most people in Africa now like Harry after everything Megan has said and things he said too.

Maybe he could go live with Nelson Mandela’s son. Let’s remember that Megan said African people were dancing in the streets when they got married, the same way they were when Nelson Mandela was released from prison.

Oh, what a lie! My goodness, did you see her among all those African people? All that stuff she said about color, the way that she was looking at them, though, was like she disowned a lot of them. No, that was to make money, of course. Meghan Markle only pretends to be a woman of color when she thinks it’s going to benefit her. I think we know she said that for a reason. She was all white before she married Harry. Not a single ex-boyfriend of hers has been black. It was for convenience. They should really rub her nose in that. Do not be fooled by her.

I don’t have any sympathy for complainers, especially when they’re incredibly privileged, petulant liars, and backstabbers. They are two peas in a pod. I think good riddance. I don’t believe that anything can be salvaged when actually there wasn’t much going for them in the first place.

I mean, what was Megan? Megan was a little-known Z-list actress with limited ambition and very limited talent for doing anything meaningful. Everything she touches turns to crap. She claims that she’s this poor victim of racist hatred. She, however, knows she’s this benevolent philanthropist. She’s a speechmaker, she’s a writer. These are all roles that earned her a golden turkey award.

And as for Harry, what did he excel at? Being the party Prince, making a fool of himself, staggering out of nightclubs, fighting with journalists, pretending to be this war hero, and failing exams that the average fourth grader could probably do well on. As individuals, neither of them has anything to offer, and as a couple, they are just poison. If they were not wealthy and royal, they would probably be criminals. Actually, I think they are criminals. I would love to know what history books are going to be saying about them in a hundred years.

And the thing about it is, I have not seen Harry smile or actually laugh genuinely in any photo since they got engaged. Now, when they got engaged, it looked like he had a genuine smile on his face, but it seems like after that, the whole relationship has been falling apart slowly but surely.

I think Harry realized what Megan really was, and I think he realized that he couldn’t escape. He wanted what William had, and he understood that that was not going to happen with Megan.

I kind of always thought that Harry was never going to get married. I thought he was just going to be the party boy all the time, and that was fine with me. I think his mother, though, would be horrified if she were here today, watching all of this. He always knew that he would never be king, and I can only assume that he would have told Megan that.

Megan has some severe mental health problems, and now it looks like Harry is ruined because he was so naive, and she was able to manipulate him. I just never thought, though, that he would go along with so many made-up stories about his own family because of Megan.

That interview with Oprah, the rant to children, the disrespect towards his family, especially the late Queen and Prince Philip too, and then to name that invisible daughter Lily-bed, what a slap in the face. Harry knew good and well that was a private nickname between the late Queen and the late Prince Philip. He and Megan had no business using that name.

How could somebody do that to their own family? I mean, he allowed this insane, horrible succubus actress to walk all over him and destroy everything he has ever held dear. And you know, it’s partly his own fault. The thought that this crazy woman has the late Princess’s jewelry is just shocking to me. Now, Diana had her problems, we all do, but she was a remarkable woman and mother too. We cannot argue that.

We cannot argue that Harry and William had a really rough time after she passed. Of course, they did. And I know that Prince Charles at the time took good care of those boys. I don’t believe that he ignored any mental health problems that may have needed to be discussed. He wouldn’t allow his children to go without the best of the best medical care, even though the marriage between him and Diana did not work out.

And I know the media we’re not publishing photos of Charles with the boys because they wanted him to look like this absent uncaring father and they wanted Diana to be the angel we all know. This Harry lives in another world and Megan takes advantage of that. It really is sad to watch all of this.