Before she married Prince Harry in 2018, Meghan Markle was famously known for her role as Rachel Zane in the show Suits.

According to Colin Grafton, 31, a former Dancing on Ice star, who appeared on Suits several times in season six, revealed the Duchess of Sussex had a huge fan following.

“I think she had just started dating Harry at the time, but she had a lot of fans already like outside that were waiting for her,” he told the Mirror.

Colin, who didn’t know who Meghan was at the time, added, “I think that was the point she was dating Harry, but it wasn’t public knowledge yet.”

Colin shared that he landed his role on the hit show by chance after he bumped into the show’s lead and producer, Gabriel Macht.

Macht, who portrayed the hot-shot closer in New York Harvey Specter, met Colin in the bathroom.

Without prior knowledge of the show, Colin knew that he would have a chance to impress if he wore a nice suit. It worked out great for him. He recalled the director told him, “We need you front and center in the scene!”

Meanwhile, Meghan was on the show for six seasons before permanently departing the series as she went on to marry Prince Harry. Not only did she quit acting, but she also had to ditch her personal social media accounts.

Apart from Suits, Meghan starred in several US dramas including both CSI Miami and CSI New York during her career.