On an episode of GB News, royal biographer Angela Levin spoke with Dan Wooten about what she perceived as Markle’s strategic withdrawal. Wooten raised the issue in the context of Markle’s minimal participation in Prince Harry’s recent engagements, most notably after the promotion of his book earlier this year.

Her detachment seemed systematic, almost as though she’s severing ties incrementally to avoid a sudden dramatic rupture. “It seems as though she’s ensuring that her disconnection is subtle yet steady,” Levin suggested.

“I suspect she’s rendering it increasingly difficult for him to live with, potentially leveraging their mental health conversations and his confessions about his military service, which leave him vulnerable to public scrutiny. But that’s a problem of his own making,” Levin went on to conjecture.

Levin even brought up Markle’s mother, Doria Ragland, living with the couple and proposed that she might serve as a witness against Prince Harry. Could she argue that he’s unfit to care for their children due to his psychological instability? “Having a mother staying with them potentially as a witness could be a strategic move, one that’s deeply concerning,” Levin noted.

She emphasized how Prince Harry is currently in a dismal condition, appearing mired in past traumas, and even suggesting that his wife allegedly fails to offer him the support he needs. “She seems absent in times when he needs support the most, dealing with the passing of the Queen and his grandfather, and his solo appearance at the coronation,” Levin elaborated. “He appears to be left to cope alone.”

Celebrity psychic Inbaal Honigman claimed that Harry can’t enjoy life without Meghan. She said, “Prince Harry is a practical Virgo, which means that he’s a pragmatic man who thrives on communication and interpersonal relationships. He loves people and enjoys matching the right person with the right project. Virgos are Earth signs, which means they’re very grounded, and ordinary things make them feel the most alive—a strong cup of coffee, a hill walk, or a hug. His Venus is in Libra, just like his father’s. This astrological placement tells us that Harry will always pick a partner who’s loving and elegant, and he won’t be able to enjoy life without her.”

Harry and Meghan Markle recently celebrated five years of marriage and, according to claims, remain wildly in love. However, royal biographer Tom Bower questioned whether Markle would eventually part ways with Prince Harry, as she allegedly has with other significant people in her life. Bower likened the situation to a slow-motion revelation of Markle’s potential next move if she is prepping to distance herself from Harry as she’s done with others.

“Could what we’re observing be a gradual unveiling of the next big move?” Bower wondered. Although Bower was unable to predict Markle’s next step, he suspected she was preparing for a significant action, stating, “I’ve consistently said she’s brewing something momentous. We’ve been waiting to discover what the next move will be for weeks now.” The royal expert added that Markle’s agenda is obscure; however, the former “Suits” star reportedly has a puppet who could allegedly end up in tragedy.

“She’s got a puppet, and the puppet is Harry,” Bower continued. “And Harry is just, I think, out of his depth. He has no idea anymore what’s being played at. He has no idea of the game that he’s actually engaged in, and he can only end in tragedy.”