Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s old video of an event, which royal expert describes as an “embarrassing” and “catastrophic” situation for the Sussex, resurfaced online recently.

Royal commentator Kara Kennedy has described what was going on in the clip that was shot in May 2022 following a tournament at the Santa Barbara polo club, which was attended by Harry and Meghan.

The Duchess of Sussex, in the clip, can be seen walking on stage to present her husband and his Los Padres teammates with a trophy.

But then Meghan stayed up on the stage and things got awkward as she appeared to wish for a spot in between the players when no one was acknowledging her.

Sharing her knowledge about the video, the expert said Meghan “tried to grab” an item from one of Harry’s teammates, but he refused to give it to her, Kara said, adding “the whole thing is a catastrophe and very embarrassing for the “image-conscious couple”.

The expert was quoted as saying by a media outlet: “I think it is very telling because for a woman that usually tries to weave her way in or push [or] shove her way into the spotlight at any given time, which is very visible here. I mean, this had nothing to do with her. It’s obviously very awkward. It’s obvious that very clearly she wasn’t meant to be on stage.”