A nine-year-old boy left home every night. His father followed him and discovered the unbelievable truth. Nothing makes parents happier than seeing their child have qualities such as kindness, compassion, and generosity.

If a child can acquire these essential qualities at an early stage of development, they will be with that child for the rest of their life. Today’s story is about a nine-year-old boy who impressed his father with his actions, and many of us have something to learn from this story, including me.

Alas, it happens, and I’m sure you’re familiar with it, that a child is their own master. A nine-year-old boy from a small town in the Philippines named Ken is just such a boy. Every day, he would leave home without telling his father where or why he was going.

His father trusted him, but one day his curiosity got the better of him, and he decided to find out exactly what his son was doing when he left home. Without showing any intention, the father decided to follow his son and clear up the situation.

What he saw made his heart rejoice and filled him with sadness. As it happened, every day, Ken did an unbelievable thing. After following Ken, his father soon discovered that the boy was running away from home to feed the street dogs. Dozens of hungry stray dogs were gathering around his nine-year-old son. The harsh life on the streets has made many afraid to approach humans, but apparently, they trusted the friendly Ken.

Ken says the dogs gradually got used to him. The first time he brought food, Ken had to stand 50 meters away from the bowl he had left behind because the dogs would not come close to the food while standing next to it. And now, Ken can even pet some of them. After taking pictures of his son, Ken’s father put the camera away and started helping him to avoid any disease or infection from the street dogs. Father and son had special vaccinations and always followed hygiene rules.

Spending time with the animals, they devised nicknames for the three dogs they saw daily: Brown, Black, and White. It seems that Black is the mother of Brown and White. Despite her poor health, Black did not abandon her puppies, although she would have found it easier to cope with everything alone. Ken and his father decided to do something good for the dogs. Ken, in particular, wanted to do as much as possible to help animals that no one else cared for.

Together, father and son started a voluntary organization to help homeless dogs in the area. They simply could not stand by while street dogs starved and died. Ken’s father bought a large plot of land near his home and built one of the largest dog shelters in the area. Their joint project called the Happy Animals Club became a success. As a result, they managed to save hundreds of dogs and cats from starvation, disease, and the dangers of the city streets.

What a great job that boy did! I don’t know him personally, but his story touches me. Look at Black, Brown, and White, their incredible transformation. This nine-year-old boy proved that age doesn’t matter when changing someone’s life. The people who raised him taught Ken the most important thing: kindness and compassion.

He’s certainly a son his father can be proud of. Thank you for watching, and if you like this story, you could enjoy this video, but you don’t have to, as you wish. I wish you a good day, a good mood, and more kindness in your life.