Bishal Malla called Tesla’s customer assistance after his Tesla caught fire. He was ignored and advised to lug his burned automobile to a Tesla service facility.

On May 6, Californian Malla was conducting errands in his Tesla. He checked for a flat tire before entering Highway 99 when his automobile shook.

Smoke came from the bottom. His automobile burned quickly.

Malla told Insider that Tesla’s customer support “took the report,” but “no one responded.”

Since then, he has called the firm three or four times with “no follow-ups.”

He eventually spoke to a customer-service worker over the phone, but it didn’t help.

“One agent I talked to had an audacity to tell me to take my fully burned Tesla to the Tesla recommended servicing center,” Malla stated on Reddit. “How in the world am I going to do that?”

Malla told Insider that the agent did not suggest how to transfer his charred automobile to the repair facility.

“Yes, insurance will cover the car, but I need to hear from Tesla,” Malla remarked on Reddit. “All I need is their answer and to protect others from the same issue.”

He told NBC-affiliated KCRA 3 he was fortunate to be alive and “speechless” at what transpired.

“If this had happened 30 minutes later, my whole family would be in there,” he stated on Reddit. He was traveling home to take his wife and two children to a family event.

Tesla did not reply to an after-hours request for comment.