According to a recent Wall Street Journal story, Bob Lee, the inventor of Cash App, was having an affair with Nima Momeni’s sister when he was fatally murdered last month.

Friends of Lee who talked to the Journal said that Lee and Khazar Momeni, the spouse of a well-known cosmetic surgeon from San Francisco, belonged to the same underground social group known as “The Lifestyle” and were sexily involved.

The nature of the connection between Lee and Khazar Momeni was unknown prior to the stabbing, but court records indicate that Nima, a 38-year-old IT consultant who had known Lee for ten years, questioned Lee about his sister.

Prior to the argument, Lee and Khazar were allegedly drinking with a group of pals at a house party in San Francisco. The fight started when Nima arrived to pick up Khazar. Nima reportedly questioned Lee about if Khazar “was doing drugs [or] anything inappropriate” before getting into a fight with the creator of the Cash App.

Lee reportedly assured Nima that his sister had not ingested any drugs and that “nothing inappropriate had occurred” according to witnesses on the scene. Later, a toxicology investigation revealed that substances including ketamine and cocaine were in Lee’s system.

Later that evening, Nima and Lee arrived to Khazar’s apartment in different vehicles before departing in Nima’s white BMW Z4 at 2:04 a.m. Nima allegedly drove Lee to a “dark and secluded” San Francisco street corner, where he “planned and deliberately attacked” him with a knife.

Khazan’s lawyers Mary McNamara and Ed Swanson claimed in a statement sent to the Journal that “there are many rumors circulating around this case, many of them untrue.”

The statement said, “Ms. Momeni loves and supports her brother.” What took place here was tragic, and Ms. Momeni is shocked by the pain the Lee family is experiencing as they mourn their awful loss.

The Journal was informed by Lee’s estranged wife Krista that he was not a “party boy” and that she had never heard of the phrase “The Lifestyle.”

He was kind and giving; he saw the best in everyone, according to Krista Lee.

Nima was detained without bond pending his arraignment after being taken into custody by police on April 13 on murder charges related to the deadly stabbing of Lee. His lawyers have said that he intends to enter a not guilty plea.