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Photo by Public Use

E. Jean Carroll, a writer, was been given $5 million in damages by a jury in New York that consisted of six males and three women. The verdict found Carroll liable for sexual assault as well as slander. The verdict was referred to by Donald J. Trump as a “disgrace.”

During the middle of the 1990s, E. Jean Carroll accused Donald Trump of sexually assaulting her in a dressing room in New York City. Trump is being sued by a former journalist for comments he made when disputing the allegations, including saying in interviews, and subsequently again via his Truth Social account, that the woman is “not my type.” The lawsuit is being brought against Trump. The lawsuit against the former president also names Carroll as a defendant.

You may read the complete transcript of the deposition by clicking on the link provided above. The deposition was made public after a judge in New York rejected what the judge called Trump’s “absurd” bid to have two lawsuits filed against him by Carroll thrown out of court.

The testimony that was unsealed reveals that while Trump was under oath during the deposition, he insulted Carroll on multiple occasions, calling her a “nut job,” “liar,” and “mentally sick.” He also suggested that she had enjoyed being sexually assaulted, saying of Carroll, “She said it was very sexy to be raped,” in reference to a CNN interview. The testimony was unsealed recently.

Carroll stated in the interview that Trump conducted on CNN that what Trump did to her “hurt” and was “not sexual.” Trump is alluding to this interview. In response to Cooper’s assertion that the majority of people saw rape as a kind of physical violence, she stated, “Most people think of rape as sexy.” Imagine all the possibilities.” She said that she favored the word “fight.”

A question was also posed to Trump on a post he had published on Truth Social not long before his testimony in which he referred to Carroll’s account as “a hoax.” According to Trump, he composed that message on his own because “I was offended at this woman’s lie.”

According to the World Mental Health Coalition, Donald Trump is currently experiencing a’mental health crisis.’ In one section of the study, it is said that “Donald Trump has a history of recklessness, impulsivity, lack of empathy, a loose grip on reality, and intolerance of challenges to his fragile sense of self.”