Backdrop printing is a specialized form of print advertising that allows companies to step up their branding efforts in unique ways. Also referred to as step-and-repeat banners, backdrops typically feature the logos of one or more event sponsors set in an alternating diagonal pattern. These banners are used for photo ops, press conferences, and special events.

How Backdrop Printing Helps With Branding

With Backdrop Printing Chicago businesses of all sizes can reach new audiences, increase brand recognition, and make a professional impression. Let’s take a look at one example to show how the process works.

Let’s say that there’s a charity event being planned for a local non-profit, and business owners have been asked to sponsor the event in return for having their brand logo design included on a step-and-repeat banner. The charity uses this backdrop for photo ops and does its own local media outreach to make sure those photos and a description of the event get shared far and wide.

When people see the company’s logo on the banner, they’ll form a positive brand association. They will feel better about buying products or services from the business knowing it supports the local community.

Of course, this is just one example of how backdrop printing can help with branding efforts. Step-and-repeat banners are also great for attracting attention at trade shows, corporate events, conferences, and many other occasions.

Why Branding Matters

These days, most business owners understand that branding is an essential component of both digital and print marketing campaigns. What not everyone considers is how important a company’s brand is for maintaining a loyal customer base. People no longer buy products, exclusively. Shopping, whether online or in person, has become more experiential, and buyers like to feel connected to the businesses they patronize.

Creating a cohesive brand allows companies to tell their story, and storytelling is much more effective than simple explanations at forming connections with people. When customers feel that they are connected to a company’s more human side through its brand, they’ll keep coming back.

Using a brand’s logo on a step-and-repeat banner will draw up all kinds of connections and connotations in consumers’ minds if they are already familiar with the company. If they’re not, it will begin to build brand awareness so that people will be more likely to trust the company in the future.

How to Set Up a Step-and-Repeat Banner

One of the great things about backdrop banners is that they’re designed to be portable and easy to set up. Popular options for banner setups include:

  •  Pole pocket banners

Tension fabric walls

Velcro pop up walls

Custom-sized banners

Pole pocket backdrop banners are the most common type. Normal, 8×8 banners can be set up easily by two people. Tension fabric walls are even easier to set up. They’re made out of fabric and feature zippers that allow event setup laborers to simply zip the banner around the aluminum frame.

Velcro pop-up walls have some extra depth, with 12″ side walls. The popup frame opens like a huge accordion. Once expanded, the printed fabric backdrop can adhere to the expanded frame using Velcro.

Find a Reliable Banner Printer

Need step-and-repeat banners printed for an upcoming event? Do some research and pick a company that has a reputation for professionalism, reliability, and quality workmanship. Backdrop banners will only boost a brand if they look professional once they’re set up.