Army In World War I, General John J. Pershing, in charge of the US Expeditionary Forces, made the remark that “infantry wins battles, logistics wins war.” The most effective way to comprehend recent news from Ukraine is in that way.

The biggest city in Russian-controlled Crimea and the location of Russia’s largest Black Sea naval base, Sevastopol, experienced a massive fire on Saturday as a result of a Ukrainian drone strike on an oil depot.

On Monday morning, Russians launched missiles at Pavlohrad, a logistics hub close to the city of Dnipro in the center. Although 19 high-rise apartment buildings, 25 private homes, six schools and kindergartens, and five shops were reportedly damaged, Russian authorities claim that fuel depots and railway infrastructure were the main targets. An explosion occurred near the Russian border later on Monday.

A freight train was derailed by an explosion in the Russian border town of Bryansk, which is 35 miles from Ukraine.

Both parties are aware that Ukraine is getting ready to launch a massive counteroffensive against Russian forces, likely across several regions. Now, both sides will intensify their attacks on one another’s logistical and supply hubs. Although the start of the next stage of this war cannot be precisely predicted, these attacks indicate that day is getting closer.