Mostly, choosing an aged care facility is done under pressure due to an unexpected event that results in an old family member not being able to take care of themselves.  The truth is, there are so many factors to consider when choosing an aged care facility. With so many aged care homes available out there, choosing the best one can be overwhelming.

However, having an understanding of the important things to look for in an aged care facility will help a lot in saving time and reducing pressure. The following practical tips will help you make the right choice for your loved one. Read to the end!


Most elderly ones have strong connections with their families and neighbors and wouldn’t want to stay far from their communities. Look for a care facility that’s very close to their loved ones’ vicinity.

Seniors benefit a lot from visitors. When they aren’t visited by their loved ones, they become lonely and sometimes depressed. They need to feel connected to their families and the community at large.

Also, find an aged care home that’s located in the town where there are churches, grocery stores, and restaurants so that residents will be going on supervised outings.


Eating a healthy and nutritious diet is very essential for the elderly ones. Choosing  Aged care homes that provide good food and diet options is very important.

A good way to know if the facility offers good food is by asking someone who has a relative there or joining the residents for a meal. Ask about their menus, and observe how the residents are treated in the dining area.

Listen to What They Want

Whether you’re taking your loved one to an aged care facility or a respite care centre, it’s essential to talk to them and understand what they need.

Moving out of the home to a care facility is daunting, and upsetting for old ones especially if they have a strong bond with their family members.  It’d be best to sit with them and make them understand why they need to move there. Ask them what they’re expecting from a care facility and look for the one that will provide those needs for them.


The safety of our loved ones is very crucial. Choose a facility where your loved one can move around safely without being exposed to dangers. Know the fire safety arrangements in the facility and how safe your elderly one is.

Ask about outing arrangements to make sure boredom won’t set in.

Check the Resident’s Handbook

Just like in retirement communities, age care facilities combine residents from different backgrounds so there needs to be some kind of flexibility in the home.

That’s where the resident’s handbook comes into play. Collect a copy of the handbook and check out the house rules and regulations. You’ll also get information about meal times, outing times, bedtime, visiting times and other necessary information about the facility.


Seniors need activities to keep them out of boredom and loneliness. Activities such as games, exercise programs, singing and music sessions, and art classes keep them stimulated and happy.

Choose a care facility that offers these activities and gives access to wireless so that the residents can easily communicate with their family members.

Cost of Care

The cost of aged care in Brisbane differs considerably. Compare the service of different facilities and their price range. Then take into account the option you can afford.


When choosing a care facility for your loved one, ensure you go for a reputable and compassionate home. Don’t forget to choose a facility with friendly staff that will always prioritise the residents when providing care.

The above tips will help you in narrowing down your choice of an aged care facility to find the best for your aged loved one.