The unfounded notion that Prince William was having an affair with Kate Middleton’s lover Rose Hanbury seems to follow him around. The crowning of King Charles III, however, is expected to be attended by Hanbury and her husband David Cholmondeley, who is 7 years old. Even if it’s not the tea, will this make Kate Middleton uncomfortable? A royal insider clarifies the situation.

“Kate and Rose never had a bad relationship. All of the rumors were unfounded. The family is a longtime ally of the Crown, and they will attend, according to a source who spoke to The Daily Beast. Rose’s presence would be “unimaginable” without her, according to a close acquaintance. Buckingham Palace has not verified whether Rose is on the guest list.

Additionally, David’s new role means that “he will be present at all important state and royal occasions and can even represent the king at diplomatic events,” so the two families will see each other a lot in the future.

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Gossip over the affair dates back to 2019, when it was reported that Kate and Rose had had a falling out and the Princess of Wales saw her as a “rural rival” among her country friends near Anmer Hall The sun. Kate reportedly demanded that Rose be “phased out” from her elite circle. British journalist Giles Coren fanned the flames even more by tweeting: “Yes it’s an affair. I haven’t read the article, but I know about the affair. Everyone knows about the affair, darling.” (This tweet was quickly deleted.)

While royal observers may never get to the heart of the story about a possible feud or affair, the coronation will be a symbol that there is nothing to see here – both sides will be represented, presenting a united front on King Charles’ historic day.