Daveed Diggs first composed a twister What’s the Consequence? Helen Hunt and Thomas Jefferson packed “Dorothy 2” into a pickup truck to travel across Tornado Alley, right? Diggs claims that it almost happened until Universal canceled the project for “shady” reasons.

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But let’s go back. First we have to set the table. By now we are all aware that Universal is moving forward at full speed twisterwhich will inevitably have one of the following titles: secondTwitter2terToasterTwister: OriginsTwister: VengeanceThe twisteror simply twister. The project has been in development hell since audiences saw this infamous CGI cow fly across screens in a disturbing piece of digital animal cruelty. But in 2021 appears on See what’s happening live!Her original Finger of God puller, Helen Hunt, said she wanted to direct a sequel with All Black and Brown Storm Chasers and “they wouldn’t.”

“We could barely get a meetup,” she said in 2021. “And that’s in June 2020, when it was all about diversity. And it would have been so cool,” she continued. “There was an HBCU [historically Black college and university] where we wanted it to be and a rocket science club and that’s where they shoot the rockets into the tornado. It would be so cool.”

Hunt revealed that the project was to be written by blind spotting Co-authors Daveed Diggs and Rafael Casal. As we know from history, Hunt never directed the film, and the reasoning implied is about as predictable as any other shitty thing this industry pulls.

“Oh man, I’m not going to get into that mainly because I’m probably going to remember things wrong,” Diggs said insider At Tuesday. “But I’m just saying that there was one occasion where we spoke about it and it didn’t happen and the reasons why it didn’t happen may be shady.”

Diggs probably didn’t need to add the next part, because anyone who’s ever set foot in the United States knows why Hollywood wouldn’t make a film about Black and Brown Storm Chasers (racism). However, Diggs is far more diplomatic than netizens AV club and puts it way too nicely: “But shady, as we know the industry is shady.”

None of this is surprising, other than the fact that Daveed Diggs wrote a twister Consequence. That should be blind spotting follow up. What a weird fucking industry? Anyway, twister 2 is directed by Minari Director Lee Isaac Chung.