The three main objectives a motivational speaker seeks to accomplish when they stand up on stage and speak to an audience are as follows. This is meant to educate, motivate, and amuse.

All the preparation and presentation abilities required to be a great motivational speaker can be categorized into these three groups. There is a lot of room to do something truly original when motivational speaking, so if they sound quite general, that’s because they are.

That might lead many to conclude that a motivational speaker can be used at almost any event with success (who doesn’t want, for example, to be entertained) but this isn’t really true. Motivational speaking definitely suits certain types of events better than others. For example, you probably associate motivational speaking with corporate events; you probably don’t associate it at all with children’s birthday parties!

Plurawl, a company who has broadcast many a motivational speech on their podcast aimed at the Latino community, note that motivational speaking, and certain types of motivational speaking, are certainly suited to different mediums and events.

This is the way it generally tends to go, and it doesn’t really affect where a motivational speech might work. Instead, it is more about what type of events typically hire a motivational speaker, and what type of bookings motivational speakers themselves typically take.

Even if you think it might work, you are going to have a challenging time booking a motivational speech for a wedding. Unfortunately, given how much a fine and diverse art motivational speaking actually is, the market sets the game.

Different Types of Motivational Speeches

Of course, just as there are different types of events that hire motivational speakers, there are different types of motivational speakers. This is also important to consider before booking one. For example, motivational speech topics such as “the secrets of teamwork” or “how to maximize productivity in your role” are pretty obviously intended for corporate events.

Therefore, it is wise to remember that the right motivational speaker should be hired. What would not suit a corporate event, for example, is the previously mentionedHispanic motivational speeches broadcast on the Plurawl podcast.

Best Events for a Motivational Speech

So, with all that said, here follows some events which will nearly always benefit from a motivational speaker.

Corporate Events

We have talked about this above, so it’s wise to get it out of the way first. Corporate events are perhaps what motivational speaking is most associated with. They are so common because they are seen as a way to educate and inform employees without merely delivering a cold list of rules.

Public Speech Events

With these events, the motivational speaker is the whole attraction. For these to be successful though, the speech will have to be on a broadly appealing topic – and it will have to be good.

Retreats or Company Trips

Sometimes, employees pack up and go on extended trips, either for training days or some other corporate-related trip. Motivational speaking works very well in this context, especially if it can be related to the whole point of the trip in the first place.

Podcast Broadcasts

Motivational speeches can also be broadcast to millions of remote listeners. This is often done on podcasts. However, with this type of speaking, it is important that the content is related to the market appeal of the podcast or radio show. It needs to appeal to that particular audience.

Motivational speaking is a popular feature of events and a lucrative service for those doing the speaking. It doesn’t work everywhere though, and you always need to target it in the right place.