The first alleged Israeli bombardment on Syria in more than a month, according to Syria, occurred late on Friday when Israeli missiles struck locations close to Damascus.

According to state television, missiles were fired closer to the Israeli border and over the capital.

Syria’s official news agency, SANA, reported that “our air defenses intercepted Israeli missile strikes in the airspace of Damascus and the southern region.”

This would be the first purported attack since September 17, when five troops were reportedly killed in an apparent Israeli attack near the capital Damascus.

Israeli airstrikes in June caused the airport in Damascus to be closed for about two weeks.Never again miss a headline by subscribing to the daily Times of Israel via email.

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Aleppo Airport had to close as a result of two raids that were directed towards it in early September.

The claimed assault occurs a day after Israel’s military began a week-long drill in the country’s north.

Israel has launched hundreds of assaults against its northern neighbor since civil war broke out in Syria in 2011, focusing on government forces as well as partner forces supported by Iran and Hezbollah fighters. Analysts typically reject Syria’s assertions that it has stopped the majority of Israeli missiles as empty bravado.

Israel has admitted hundreds of attacks, despite rarely commenting on specific attacks.

It claims that its aerial assault is essential to stop nemesis.