According to Ukraine’s Defense Ministry, a day after Russia and Ukraine hit the one-year mark in their battle, Russia lost 660 more servicemen. In the last two days, Russia has lost 1,310 soldiers and 18 tanks.

Russia has reportedly lost 148,130 soldiers since the conflict started on February 24, 2022, according to information released by the Ukrainian Defense Ministry on Sunday. Independent verification of the number of Russian fatalities is lacking, and Ukraine’s estimates have always been higher than those from other Western nations. Since reporting 6,000 troop deaths in late September 2022, Russia has not updated its official death toll.

On Sunday, it will also be nine years since Russia started a new conflict with Ukraine, which led to the final annexation of the Crimean Peninsula.

Today’s reminder serves to 9 years ago Russia was at war with Ukraine. Today we repeat – the resistance never stopped and Crimea will be liberated,” said the Defense of Ukraine tweeted Sunday.

Ukraine officials said Saturday they knocked out 12 Russian tanks the previous day and on Sunday they said six others were destroyed.

Destroyed Russian tanks in city squares have become popular attractions for Ukrainian residents, who often take photos with the disabled machines.

In addition to the Russian deaths and tanks lost in the last two days, Ukraine indicated that Russia had large casualties in other equipment. This includes 15 armored fighting vehicles, 17 artillery vehicles, four drones and 18 other vehicles and fuel tanks between Friday and Saturday.

Russia has failed to take the capital Kiev over the past year and has been pushed back by Ukrainian fighters who have also put up a steadfast defense in northern cities like Kharkiv, where they have pushed back Russian troops towards the nearby border.