Fighting in Sudan is worsening the already severe humanitarian crises in the country of northeast Africa and the countries that are hosting large numbers of refugees fleeing the conflict, all at a time when UN aid plans for those nations are gravely underfunded.

Less than 14% of the UN’s plans for Sudan and Chad’s humanitarian response are funded, according to the news. Only 24.8% of the South Sudan response plan has the necessary funding.

These levels weren’t sufficient before the fighting in Sudan started, and they won’t be sufficient as the need for aid increases both inside the country and among its neighbors, according to aid organizations.


Across Sudan, humanitarian needs were already at all-time highs before the recent fighting began.

Before the fighting broke out in Sudan, the UN estimated 15.8 million people — one-third of the country’s population — would need humanitarian assistance this year due to conflict, climate change, disease outbreaks and a worsening economic crisis.

Those needs will undoubtedly rise as the current fighting continues to trap people in their homes and the country faces food, fuel, water and medicine shortages.