New psychological thriller series “Saint X,” which debuted on Hulu on April 26 and will be available on Disney+ in the UK on June 7, is inspired by well-known, well-publicized actual murder cases.

The mystery surrounding the inexplicable disappearance and subsequent death of a young woman while on vacation with family on the fictional Caribbean island of Saint X is the focus of the series, which is based on Alexis Schaitkin’s 2020 novel of the same name.

Conflicting accounts and hazy timeframes of her last hours alive hamper her family’s search for the truth following her death. Her younger sister is still determined to learn the truth.

Given the plausible plot of “Saint X,” viewers eager to watch the series have wondered if it will live up to expectations.

Natalie was born on 21 Oct., 1986, to parents Dave and Beth Holloway in Mountain Brook, Alabama, a wealthy suburb of Birmingham, according to E! News. After her parents divorced in 1993, Natalee lived with her mother and went on to become an honours student and active member of the dance team at Mountain Brook High School. After graduation, Natalee had plans to study pre-med at the University of Alabama on a full scholarship, as reported by Good Morning America.

Before starting college in the autumn, however, Nataliee — like many young adults her age — wanted to celebrate the significant milestone by going on a group trip. No one could anticipate that she would vanish without a trace just six days after her 24 May graduation.