In a recent interview with Spanish Vogue, Emily Ratajkowski is kissing and telling. In the article, the 31-year-old model discussed the dangers of dating a famous person as well as the viral photographs of her kissing Harry Styles in Japan.

The host of the podcast “High Low With EmRata” admitted she never imagined the photos of her and Styles would become well known. She said, “I didn’t think this would happen. The concept of giving up [my freedom] for the sake of privacy is something I haven’t yet considered. “I think, generally, there’s a reason certain celebrities live in [Los Angeles], hire security, and don’t go to public restaurants.”

In Tokyo, the “As It Was” singer and Ratajkowski were seen kissing was on stage on March 25. The images and videos spread like wildfire. As a result, numerous media sites started to conjecture that the model and Styles’ ex, director Olivia Wilde, might be at odds.

Ratajkowski, for her part, found the story frustrating, especially in light of how frequently Wilde has been compared online to other strong women. “In the case [of my photos with Harry], it’s more of the same,” she remarked. “I feel bad for Olivia because she’s had to deal with this situation multiple times,” I said.

After her marriage to Sebastian Bear-McClard ended in 2022, the model and mother of one Ratajkowski is still getting used to dating as a celebrity. She shares son Sylvester Apollo Bear with her ex-husband. “It’s”Having particular experiences, then having the entire world know about them and comment on them, is quite strange. This is the first time in a very long time that I’ve been in the dating stage because I recently transitioned from a three to a four year relationship, she told the outlet. “It’s pretty odd how much attention there is in that particular location. It’s only a little portion of my life, so I can’t say I’m surprised. My son and my job occupy the majority of my life.

Ratajkowski has been sighted with celebrities like Pete Davidson and Eric Andre since her breakup with Bear-McClard. The model was Styles’ first person to be spotted with since he split up with Wilde.