Tom Holland and Zendaya may keep their relationship largely under wraps, but when they were photographed in Boston, they displayed some light PDA. On April 24, witnesses saw the couple walking casually while holding hands and exploring the city. While Holland chose for a straightforward grey shirt, black pants, and matching sneakers, Zendaya opted for an enormous pale green turtleneck sweater, grey pants, and white Nike sneakers.

Following a soggy dinner date in New York City and a hand-in-hand snapshot taken on their way to a “Uncharted” screening, Zendaya and Holland went on an expedition in Boston. Although the two don’t frequently make their relationship apparent, they occasionally provide us with something fresh to swoon over.

— like in February, when they went to a New York Rangers game wearing identical hockey jerseys with their names on them. They are currently at the limit of cuteness.

Since July 2017, the co-stars have been romantically involved. They met while filming “Spider-Man: Homecoming” together and have been dating ever since they were captured in a car in Los Angeles at a red light exchanging passionate kisses. The stars remained silent about the rumors for years before Holland revealed their relationship in GQ’s November 2021 cover story. One drawback of our celebrity is that we no longer truly have control over our privacy, so a moment that you may have imagined to be between two people who are really in love is suddenly public.