Glossier is the only beauty company that has the ability to make our hearts race like no other. Glossier’s charm brought together product enthusiasts, fashionistas, and beauty editors together when it began back in 2014. It immediately became popular with the Instagram generation. (Recall when the #beauty hashtag included HD brows and contouring?) In fact, I promise that every cool lady you know has at least one of the greatest Glossier products in her cosmetic bag.

Naturally, the brand’s success is largely attributable to its “digital first” strategy for both product development and brand marketing. Glossier has been able to take advantage of the online community she had built through Into the Gloss and Glossier’s own Instagram profile to promote customer interaction and gather real feedback on everything from product type to packaging. In fact, the Milky Jelly Cleanser (£16), one of Glossier’s earliest cult items, was inspired by a post on Into the Gloss in which the brand explicitly invited fans to describe their ideal face cleanser.

The beauty business as we know it has undergone a significant shift as a result of this special customer-brand interaction, and customers are now starting to demand this level of openness from brands.

throughout the board. It is also apparent that the brand’s style, which includes dewy skin, pale-pink packaging, and free stickers with every order, plays a significant role in its attraction. As a result, I was eager to hop on and check out with a basket full of Boy Brow, Cloud Paint, Haloscope, and all the other cult items I had been dying for on the other side of the Atlantic for the preceding three years when Glossier finally launched in the UK back in October 2017. But was the wait worthwhile? In a nutshell, yes.

I can honestly say that, nearly five years later, a sizable number of Glossier products have found a permanent place in my beauty collection. the quantity of products that I rotate in and out of my routine on a monthly basis due to my job, that’s high praise indeed. Of course, having tried basically every product that the brand makes, there are also some things that just haven’t worked for me along the way. But if you’re thinking about shopping for Glossier and aren’t sure where to start, here’s my full breakdown of the brand’s biggest hits and what I genuinely think.