When it comes to reducing the prices of its cars thus far in 2023, Tesla is not letting up. The US firm has altered the prices for all of its models three times in only four months.

There may be a $5,000 reduction.

The Model 3, which has its price reduced by $1,000, and the Model Y, which is its best-selling model globally, both have price reductions of $2,000 in this most recent batch. With this decrease, the prices of its two most popular vehicles have already decreased by 11% for the Model 3 and 20% for the Model Y, respectively.

The Model S and Model X SUV prices were both decreased by up to $5,000, making the larger variants more affordable. The entry-level Model Y now costs 49,990 dollars in the United States, the Model 3 starts at 41,990 dollars, the Model S remains at 84,990 dollars, and the Model X is priced at 94,990 dollars. Tesla just reported record global Q1 2023 sales of 422,875 units, an increase of 36% over the same period in 2018 but only 4% over the final quarter of 2022.

Positive numbers in theory, but better ones were expected, especially due to the effect that the price drop should have had on demand… which not only affected its local market, but also reached China and Europe.