Buying her first home at the age of 21, a British TikTok influencer created a video to celebrate the occasion. Her post may have offended people who are trying to make ends meet, according to some commenters.

The influencer expressed regret for the slur but expressed pride in herself and her work. Loading There is loading going on.

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A 21-year-old influencer has defended herself after receiving backlash when she announced that she had purchased her first home. Viewers felt that given the nature of her job, she didn’t deserve it.

On April 8, Katylee Bailey, a 2.8 million-follower British TikTok influencer who typically shares lifestyle and motivational content about loving yourself.

Bailey’s video received 3.8 million views, which is comparatively viral compared to her other posts, which typically receive hundreds of thousands of views. While many commenters expressed support for the influencer, noting that owning a home at her age is a great achievement, others were critical, suggesting her post was outspoken and insensitive to other people experiencing difficulties have to afford rent and housing.

“So sad that the people who work the least get this and people who put their lives on the line can barely afford a heater,” one person wrote.

“Now everyone else has real jobs and is struggling to make ends meet,” wrote another commenter.

Several commenters talked about how they couldn’t afford to buy a mortgage-free home with the salary from their current industries, which they believed included nursing and engineering, implying that influencers earn disproportionate income for the assumed workload achieve they do. As one person put it, “Maximum everything for minimal effort.”