Tim Best, a former US Army Special Attack Helicopter pilot, explains how he assists businesses in developing and enhancing veteran recruitment strategies.

For 2022, the Military Times “Best for Vets” list includes three significant automakers.

Companies are ranked according to how well they do in attracting and retaining skilled workers.

The 175 businesses on the list for which participation is voluntary include Ford, GM, and Hyundai.

In addition to being the top manufacturing business, General Motors was ranked 18th overall and third overall after Ford

The Miami Memorial Day Weekend Air & Sea Show is sponsored by Hyundai. (Getty Images via Jeffrey Greenberg/Universal Images Group)

Hyundai Motor America is ranked #1 in Automotive – Motor Vehicle – Parts and #157 overall.

Carmax and AutoZone, two additional automakers, were listed at positions 127 and 135, respectively, ranking them fifth and sixth among retailers.

Approximately 6,000 veterans work for Ford. (Bloomberg/Emily Elconin via Getty Images)

Jim Farley, the CEO of Ford, tweeted: “We are privileged to have veterans on our team as they offer special abilities to the workplace. All veterans are sincerely appreciated for their service to our nation.

Approximately 6,000 veterans work for Ford in the US.

According to The Military Times, numerous businesses with effective veteran engagement programs

Thanks to their existing recruiting networks, they have been better equipped to negotiate the present competitive labor market.

The president of GM Defense, Stephen duMont, served in the US Army as a helicopter gunship pilot and aviation officer.