Volodymyr Zelenskyy, the president of Ukraine, has pleaded with world leaders to take action after a video surfaced that appeared to show a Russian soldier beheading a Ukrainian soldier.

“Everyone must respond. any boss. Waiting for things to be forgotten is pointless, he urged in a video speech.

The “war crime” is being looked into, according to the SBU security service of Ukraine.

Although the film was deemed “terrible” by the Kremlin, its origin and authorship needed to be established.

The video, which is extremely gory and grainy, looks to have been recorded during the summer, probably using a cellphone. It depicts a man in military dress wearing the unique yellow wristband worn by Ukrainian soldiers.

The offender and additional men visible in theRussian soldiers are known to wear white ribbons around their legs as a means of identification, and clip do the same.

Additionally, you can hear people speaking Russian, though this is not certain because many Ukrainians are fluent Russian speakers.

In the brief footage, a man with a white band around his thigh beheads the victim with the yellow armband with a big knife.

The remark “Mercenaries!” can be heard at one point while one of the men is holding a body armor with a trident, the state emblem of Ukraine.

The body armor worn by troops on both sides of the ongoing war appears to bear the Punisher emblem (a cartoon character).

On the internet, there was conjecture that the video was produced close to the city.