You can tell if something has actually become popular in the fashion world by looking around you. Even decades later, people still adore timeless masterpieces like Hermès Birkins and 1990s Prada Nylon bags, but a new bag may soon join their ranks. Meet the Jodie bag from Bottega Veneta.

Former Bottega Veneta Creative Director Daniel Lee revamped the Italian house’s basic look in 2019 and introduced a new collection of daring accessories. While several of them went on to become sellout smashes (such as those mesh heels and IG-famous bulky rubber rain boots), the Jodie has perhaps been the most popular item.

Since its debut in early 2020, the item has established itself as a mainstay in practically all.

I’ve had a paparazzi photo or an Instagram picture on my PC. The bag itself combines Daniel Lee’s contemporary viewpoint with the renowned intrecciato leather of Bottega Veneta to create a piece that seems both timeless and in step with current fashion trends. It’s simple to understand why the bag has a huge following—from its opulent leather to the simple yet elegant form.

I’ve chosen some of the chicest ways it’s been worn out in the wild to show you the full extent of just how prevalent this bag is. If you’re considering splashing out on this new classic, I’ve got all the retailers listed below; just keep scrolling.