Signet rings have been a potent status symbol for males throughout history, from the days of ancient Greece to London’s Sloane Rangers in the 1980s. They can be used to seal official documents or are only worn to display a prominent family crest.

They continue to be a timeless modern heirloom in existence today. Although none of us will ever be able to wear a signet ring with nearly the panache of the tragic and dapper Dickie Greenleaf, played by Jude Law in the 1999 adaption of The Talented Mr. Ripley, possessing one is undeniably elegant and makes a stunning, flexible, and classic addition to any jewelry box. Signets are an excellent ring to have in your collection from a stylistic standpoint because they’re daring but still wearable every day.

“, declares Alison Chemla, creator of the whimsical jewelry line Alison Lou. When we started producing signet rings for our website five years ago, they have sold incredibly well. Our consumers adore the variety of customization possibilities we provide. With the use of specifics in stone alternatives and enamel, the signet rings from our newest collection, CeLouBrations, are all about different life milestones and remembering significant moments – Away You Go, To The Moon & Back, Ball & Chain, Forever.”

Rainbow K, Yvonne Léon, Foundrae, and Shay are a few other companies that provide unique, captivating, and lovely signet rings.

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