OnePlus debuted its first tablet, the OnePlus Pad, in conjunction with the release of the OnePlus 11. The device caught our attention not only because it was a pleasant surprise in a world full of leaks, but also because so few Android device manufacturers have recently expressed an interest in tablets.

OnePlus informed us that we would have to wait until April to find out the price or when we could get one after the hardware was fully exposed in February. Now that April has arrived, OnePlus has at least provided us with some additional information about the Pad, if not the whole pricing. The first OnePlus Pad promotion is now available as a blind pre-order.

If you examined the specifications list and determined that this is the tablet you want, OnePlus will allow you to put a $99.00 deposit down on the OnePlus Pad. Again, this is assuming that the whole price will be disclosed on April 25 without knowing how much you will have to pay beforehand. The entire “blind” aspect of this is that.

If you choose to place a deposit, OnePlus promises a respectable bonus with your OnePlus Pad purchase. You can pick between the OnePlus Stylo ($99) or the OnePlus Magnetic Keyboard ($149). As a result, if you put down a $99 deposit, you’ll receive a bonus item worth at least that much and will only be required to pay the remaining balance on the full cost of a OnePlus Pad.