Some audience members at a British production of the musical “The Bodyguard” experienced unrequited love because they couldn’t help but join in on the final, anthemic chorus.

Two rowdy spectators were kicked out of the Palace Theatre in Manchester on Friday after joining the lead singer in singing “I Will Always Love You,” the soaring, heartfelt ballad made famous by Whitney Houston. This brought the performance to a screeching halt.

Singalong mode was not intended. According to audience member Tash Kenyon, ushers carried signs that read, “Please refrain from singing,” and announcements were made beforehand that guests would have the opportunity to join in at the conclusion but not during the show.

When the lights came up, the unwanted backup singers were being hauled out of their seats by theater security and audience members began cheering.

But the music and show were over.

A spokesperson for the theater said the show was canceled because disruptive fans who refused to stay seated had spoiled the performance.

Thornton posted a video on Instagram thanking respectful fans and apologizing for those who weren’t.

Greater Manchester Police said it spoke with the two people who were removed by security and would review evidence before taking any action.