The decision by the European Commission (EC) to continue recognizing credentials granted by his nation for Filipino seafarers was applauded on Sunday by Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. Marcos claimed that the move saved the jobs of about 50,000 sailors.

In 2021, the EC issued a warning that if serious action was not done, such as adherence to the International Convention on Standards of Training, Certification, and Watchkeeping for Seafarers, it would stop recognizing Filipino seafarers’ certifications.

Since then, the Southeast Asian nation, which is among the largest exporters of maritime labor worldwide, has made significant efforts to comply with the regulations, particularly in crucial areas like the monitoring, supervision, and evaluation of training and assessment, the EC reported on Friday.

When Marcos attended the European Council in December, they had a meetingIn a statement, he said his government would do all possible to handle any further problems the local maritime sector may have in order to increase the number of top-tier seafarers produced in the Philippines.

The Philippines’ education, training, and certification program for seafarers will be further improved, the EC stated, with the help of technical assistance.

The sailors are among the millions of Filipinos who work abroad and send more than $2.5 billion home each month, increasing consumer spending, which fuels the expansion of the domestic economy.

The European Commission’s decision to continue accepting credentials granted by the Southeast Asian nation for the employees has increased demand for Filipino seafarers abroad, according to a report on Sunday by ABS-CBN News.

It’s a show of support for the Philippines and