Along with international superstar Pharrell Williams, Iraqi architect Zaha Hadid created a pair of sneakers for the singer’s Adidas line.

The rubber cap on the toe of the pair of sneakers, which will be offered in both black and white, features Hadid’s distinctive parametric curves.

Williams remarked of the partnership, “I’ve always been a tremendous fan of Zaha’s. I believe she is one of the most gifted architects in both history and our day.

“I believe Zaha’s designs are just like her buildings, they enhance reality forever. She creates the shapes and types of structures from her thoughts. And I believe that she constructed the Supershell utilizing the proportions of theshoe, cast shadows that weren’t necessarily there,” he added.

One of Williams’ five selected collaborators from the world of art to work on the collection is the British architect of Iraqi descent.

The Stirling Prize, the most prestigious architecture award in the UK, is one of the numerous international awards that Hadid has previously won.