Georgia Harrison, a former “Love Island” star, is the subject of a new ITV2 documentary about being the victim of revenge porn, which was inspired by her traumatic experience with ex-boyfriend Stephen Bear. In “Revenge Porn: Stephen vs. Bear,” a video that was posted on Instagram on March 14, she discusses the incident and everything that happened after it for the first time in an effort to bring attention to the crime.

“I was silenced for so long and I literally suffered in ways the public really never got to see,” she begins in the video, which sees her vulnerably speaking directly to the camera. This documentary explores how the crime of revenge pornography affects both specific people and society as a whole. I also want to teach.

In the incident, Harrison and Bear were seen on camera having sex in Harrison’s garden in Loughton, Essex. She asked Bear to never send the footage to anyone after he showed her the footage, only to find out that he had. Weeks later, she received notification that it had started to circulate online after being shared without her permission in August 2020.

After being found guilty on two counts of disclosing private sexual images with the intent to cause distress and receiving a majority verdict of 10-2 on the count of voyeurism, Bear was sentenced to 21 months in prison at Chelmsford Crown Court on March 3. Harrison bravely gave up her right to remain anonymous and shared her story in a new ITV show.

As well as his 21 months in prison, Bear was given a restraining order to not contact Harrison for five years, ordered to sign the sex offenders register, and will need to disclose his whereabouts to the police for 10 years. The Crown Prosecution Service said the former Big Brother star had shown “a complete lack of remorse”, according to the BBC, and was even filmed posing for selfies outside court ahead of his sentencing.