A resolution denouncing Russia’s “full-scale unprovoked invasion” of Ukraine was accepted by the Parliament of Moldova.

“Since 2014, Russia has been fighting an illegitimate and aggressive war against Ukraine, a conflict that has since expanded to include all of Ukraine. The declaration makes clear that Russia’s acts constitute war crimes and a flagrant breach of international law’s tenets. The proclamation states that the Russian Federation is urged to end the conflict and remove its troops to the country’s internationally recognized borders.

A draft declaration “on guarantees of the preservation of peace in Moldova” was submitted by the Bloc of Communists and Socialists on March 1, and Communist MP Vladimir Voronin suggested setting up a panel to prepare a standard version of the declaration.

The speaker of the Moldovan parliament responded by pleading with the members of the Bloc of Communists and Socialists to “decide to call a spade a spade.” Following that, the faction’s representatives resolutely walked out of the chamber, and only those in the majority cast ballots.

Earlier, Moldovan Prime Minister Dorin Rechan said that Russia would not have enough resources to invade Moldova, and Transnistria was interested in maintaining peace and security in the region.