Clara Amfo adores her hair to the hilt. But like many others, particularly those with afro hair growing up in the UK, it hasn’t been without its ups and downs, which is exactly why she’s the ideal Pantene Power Hair spokesperson.

Amfo has been named the newest Pantene ambassador, joining Katie Piper and Lucy Edwards on a quest to celebrate hair and the part it plays in our identities. Amfo is also a TV host, podcaster, and Barbie (yeah, Amfo is a Barbie!). Regardless of age, ethnicity, class, sexual orientation, or gender, a good hair day can significantly affect one’s identity, confidence, and self-esteem, no matter how much hair one has or how they choose to style it.

The radio personality has joined the company as the Gold Series’ brand ambassador. A team of Black scientists developed the line specifically for Afro hair, whether it is relaxed, natural, or transitional. This is a partnership that means a lot to Amfo and is more to her than just a hair line. “My 4C hair is gorgeous. I adore it and want it to be healthy in all of its manifestations “Tells POPSUGAR, Amfo. It has changed significantly throughout the years and will keep changing. She didn’t always appreciate her hair, though. I recall feeling excluded from some beauty narratives as a child simply because I couldn’t find anyone who resembled me in mainstream media or [commercial campaigns], particularly in the beauty arena.

Amfo clearly recalls how her mother had to travel far in order to take her to specialty stores so she could buy hair supplies. “When I was in high school, my friends and I used to say, “Oh my God, can you believe it?” whenever we spotted an Afro hair product at a well-known high street establishment. There is now such a wonderful selection of goods, and I am truly very delighted to represent the 4C hair boys and gals.”