Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, the president of Mexico, just announced on Twitter that he has COVID and that although his heart is strong, he will be out of commission for some time. Despite this, he mentioned that his daily broadcasting will continue, designating Adán Augusto López Hernández as the person who will be on the morning press conference.

Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador received harsh criticism for not taking a strong stance against the Covid pandemic. He told people he would keep hugging and kissing them despite the deadly virus, and he even claimed that a religious ornament would shield him from getting Covid, which was obviously false.

The presidency stated that Andrés Manuel López Obrador’s heart is “in optimal conditions” and that “it is not serious” after the news of his third Covid-19 infection was disclosed on his Twitter account this past Sunday, April 23.

The Tweet stated, “Although it is not serious and his heart is in excellent condition, the President suspended his tour of the Mexican Southeast where he was supervising the progress of the Mayan Train and returned to Mexico City to remain in isolation.”

The Guacamaya Leakes revealed AMLO’s true state of health.

AMLO’s health was mentioned a few months ago as a result of several documents that were made public in the Guacamaya Leaks scandal: “What is known to the general public is revealed. He who owes nothing fears nothing. They are true, I am sick, I have several ailments. Other ailments all those mentioned there,” mentioned the president in 2022.